Travel During a Pandemic

It was a difficult decision but we thought long and hard on the pros and cons of going into an airport and embarking on a plane full of people during what is the worse pandemic our world has ever seen. The pros won in favor of making move since the alternative would mean sequestering alone in a city with a very small support network.

My friend and I developed the travel plan and set out for the airport in a risky limo ride. I’be never had to worry before now about touching anything in a posh car.

Nonetheless, arriving at the airport, an hour before our flight we were shocked to see a near-empty Air Canada lobby. The attendant, bored by nothing to do, took over our personal check-in and baggage ticketing and remained attentive to our needs until we were out of his sight on route to security. His kindness made us feel like family in the end.

Security clearance included the same series of check-points but this time the entire process was self-serve. Literally no one touched my passport or my stuff. Everyone remained more than 6 ft apart with spacers made from the tables between staff and patron.

I have never seen the airport so empty; the stores were all closed except for Tim Horton’s, Starbucks and Relay.

We chose our seats far but near our gates, we wore masks and gloves, wiped our seats and armrests with my homemade alcohol wipes and waited for the flight to board.

My apprehension about the long hallway connector to the aircraft was calmed by the distance between passengers as the attendant spaced our processing to a snails pace. Totally unlike the normal scurry to board as fast as possible.

On board was even more impressive; we were given wipes to sanitize our seats and we were seated 6 ft away from other passengers. The welcome message that we seldom pay attention to, included a reassuring description of Air Canada’s efforts to filter the air to hospital standards, the airplane disinfectant prior to our boarding and the cancellation of food service. Luckily, I had packed snacks.

Airplane seating spaced 6 feet apart and masked for safety

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