How to be Your Employers’ Most Valuable Player

Employers were faced with the difficult decision to shut down their businesses during the Covid 19 crisis. When the consumption of the goods and services they produce ground to a halt, big decisions had to be made. Questions like; how long will our reserve cash last? How long can we pay people? How many people can we keep and which ones should we keep?

Employers need people who go the extra mile; people who care a bit more than most other employees. Keen people stand out when work slows down. When they finish their work, they keep busy by cleaning or organizing something.

Employers love people who offer up new ideas; they can be a new product, marketing, or distribution ideas. Maybe you have an idea that’ll improve an existing product or service.

It’s important to remember that employers are people too and it’s really stressful watching their businesses falter. Don’t be a complainer; if there’s something that isn’t working for you, then offer up a solution. Don’t load more onto the employer; instead, try to take monkeys off his/her back.

Like any schoolyard picking of teams; the captains will select the people they feel are the strongest with the best attitudes. It’s the game of life and like any game, it’s about giving it your best shot hoping for the win.

So you’re the one they choose to keep on; be grateful and cooperative. Work hard to help your employer succeed and soon he/she will need to call back more employees.

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