Add a Little Happiness

Candy can help brighten someones day.

This Pandemic can get you down. My daughter and her husband were laid off their jobs and found themselves stuck at home with two babies. It took them a few weeks to adjust and accept their new reality. There was frustration, boredom, fear and overall way too much time together.

Struggling to find a way to help, I recalled my elderly Mom’s reaction when she received a package in the mail. She was getting low on crochet yarn and my sister who lives locally couldn’t deliver any because of the virus. I happily got on Amazon in search of the yarn and my partner, looking over my shoulder, said why don’t you throw in some candy. I added the yarn to my cart and ventured around the site in search her favorite peppermints. Click, click, send and the order was complete and on-route directly to her care home. Her home processed and sanitized the package and Mom got to enjoy the double joy of opening a parcel and finding candy inside.

I thought to myself, if candy could make an old lady happy; it could certainly bring a ray of sunshine into my daughters gloomy state. I sent gummy worms for the little guys, wine gums, red licorice for my daughter, and peppermint patties for Stephen.

I love prime! Even in these crazy times; the order arrived in record time. Best of all, it was just what they needed to bring a smile and chuckle into their household. We can’t always be there physically with our loved ones but sending a little treat can let them know that we care.

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