About Us

Experience Too Good Not To Share

I thrive on the knowledge of others; the tried and tested things people do that turn out successful whether accidentally or on purpose.

I value folklore, the traditional beliefs and stories of a community, passed on through the generations by word of mouth, because the lessons shared give us a head start to figuring things out in the world. Why re-invent the wheel when we can tweak a design and customize it to make it a perfect fit for our needs.

I will do my part to contribute life hacks that help simplify and educate. If just one person can learn from my tips then it’ll be worthwhile doing.

Also, I feel it’s important to share that my blog contains affiliate links. Throughout my posts I make clickable product references. When my visitors explore these links, I may be eligible for small commissions. These commissions help cover the costs associated with keeping this archive available to all you Household Hackers. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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