Add a Little Happiness

Candy can help brighten someones day. This Pandemic can get you down. My daughter and her husband were laid off their jobs and found themselves stuck at home with two babies. It took them a few weeks to adjust and accept their new reality. There was frustration, boredom, fear and overall way too much timeContinue reading “Add a Little Happiness”

Deferring Your Mortgage or Selling

Don’t bury your head in the sand; talk to your lender. Talking to one another can help find mutually beneficial solutions. Lenders don’ t want to own houses; they just want their money back. If your job is gone and you know in your heart that you won’t be able to afford the payments goingContinue reading “Deferring Your Mortgage or Selling”

How to be Your Employers’ Most Valuable Player

Employers were faced with the difficult decision to shut down their businesses during the Covid 19 crisis. When the consumption of the goods and services they produce ground to a halt, big decisions had to be made. Questions like; how long will our reserve cash last? How long can we pay people? How many peopleContinue reading “How to be Your Employers’ Most Valuable Player”

Tips for Golf and Social Distancing

So much for team sports or maybe not. Golf can be a team sport. I’ve been watching the multitude of text and email going back and forth between members at a nearby club and I noticed there’s quite an organization to the whole thing. Although it’s very much an individual game, many of the roundsContinue reading “Tips for Golf and Social Distancing”

Point Yourself In The Direction You Want to Go

Law of Attraction Fact or Fiction? I wholeheartedly believe in the law of attraction. Point yourself in the direction you want to go. One summer day in, driving my car, I was listening to the Secret on cd. While stopped waiting for the light to change, the speaker droned on about visualizing and revving theContinue reading “Point Yourself In The Direction You Want to Go”

Helping Our Hackers Cope With Covid 19

We’re in uncharted territory right now with the Covid19 Pandemic threatening to wipe us out. There’s a great opportunity to combine the experience of our elders with the innovative and creative contributions of our youth. It wasn’t long ago that I heard someone say they were worried about the amount of time kids spend onContinue reading “Helping Our Hackers Cope With Covid 19”